Friday, 13 April 2012

SDA Hymnal PowerPoint and PDF (Download)

To download the SDA Hymnal in...


1. Click here to download the PowerPoint file. If you do not have access to Microsoft PowerPoint, then   you will have to download it from here.
2. Open the file and press the F5 key to start the presentation
3. Type in the number of the hymn you would like displayed on your keyboard and hit the “Enter” key.
4. Click on the blue square at the bottom right of the slide to display the Hymn
5. Press on the down arrow key to go to the next verse.
6. When you’ve come to the last verse of the hymn, you will see the same blue square at the bottom right of the slide; click on it to go to the title of the hymn.
7. To display another hymn, start from Step 3 again.

Questions or Clarifications?

If you have any trouble downloading or using the file, please send us an email at


Blackie Muhindo said...

I love this. I had another folder but arranging these hymns in order has been giving me trouble. here now i have everything in order, thanks so much

Anonymous said...

How can I change all fonts at once?

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if I could fix all text at once. But I don't see the way how to do it.

diana said...


Abe said...

Thanks for this. I'm a programmer working on a Windows 8 Adventist Hymnal app and this is perfect!

Anonymous said...

hey bro i really appreciate ur effort. this is indeed a great blessing to share .. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I would like to suggest please that you provide the ppt for the old SDA hymnal if you can. There are lots of songs in it that will remind us and gives us hope that HIS coming is near. I will really appreciate that so we can use it in our church.

goodRiot81 said...

Thank you for this. This is very helpful. Can you please provide the power points for the old SDA hymnal?